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Use Plantation Shutters to Finish Your Water Rooms

Saunas, indoor hot tubs, spas, whirl pools, outdoor pools, or blissful bathrooms ? nobody can deny the our universal love affair with water based rooms and feature spaces for all the family to share. They are the ultimate in comfort, leisure and health. They truly reflect having "made it" and express real luxury. They are increasingly common in many new homes. However, as many realize, it isn't enough to have the feature itself.

As in any room, the space designed around it serves both a practical purpose, and a décor purpose. One of the most popular additions to these rooms and living areas is to add shutters, in particular, plantation style shutters. Faux wood plantation shutters provide complete privacy when it is desired, or diffused illumination with external privacy for internal views. They can also be completely open without any obstruction at all ? moved out to the sides, or swung out into the rooms. Additionally, faux wood plantation shutters provide the added advantage that, whatever their open or closed state, they give an appearance that is second to none, truly making them a part of the house. No other blind, curtain or shutter can offer quite the style and colonial elegance which is the mark of faux wood plantation shutters.

When it comes to an elegant finish, select faux plantation shutters. But why faux wood plantation shutters ? and not real wood shutters? When going for it, why not go all the way and get the real thing? Surely if the ultimate in elegance and style is to be introduced into the living areas, would plastic based shutters be inferior to wooden plantation shutters? This could not be further from the truth. In all of the areas and spaces mentioned above, the one common factor is water. Any area which either houses a great deal of water, is prone to splashing or is subject to high levels of humidity will be amongst the worst places for any wooden or painted product, especially a wooden product which contains a number of small, fairly thin sections. These sections of a shutter will quickly absorb moisture, causing then to expand, contract, stretch, warp and even crack or split. These issues will not only cause the appearance of the shutters to quickly deteriorate, causing either frequent repainting or repair, but can in some instances cause the sensitive woods to reshape so badly that the shutters no longer fit as well as they used to, perhaps they will not even fully close.

On the other hand, faux wood plantation shutters are constructed of PVC material which is built to be water resistant. No matter how much humidity they are exposed to, or how much splashing, faux wood plantation shutters will remain in the same condition, without any damage, warping or splitting. It is the waterproof nature of faux wood plantation shutters that make them an especially good choice for these areas. The entire fabric of the plantation shutters, from the slats to the mechanism, and the frame too, are all waterproof and guaranteed against splitting or cracking, and guaranteed to retain their original shape and fitting. And in case you are wondering about the appearance, most people would be hard pushed to tell at a glance whether a shutter was made of real wood, or if it was a faux wood plantation shutter. Available in a wide range of wood styles and colors, faux wood plantation shutters are designed to conform with the style of your home, whatever style you have chosen.

Clean, minimalist designs in crisp white, old cottage styles with teak effects or modern living spaces with bleach accents, all will find a faux wood plantation shutter to suit their style and colour. These humid areas are also commonly ones where plantation shutters are more preferable to blinds or curtains because of the very quick and simple way in which they can be fully or partially opened or closed. Whilst relaxing in your spa, you may well wish to have them open, but when getting out and dressed, you will need to gain some level of privacy. And, let's not forget, the budget. While standard wood plantation shutters may be a beautiful, elegant luxury suited to some spaces, they come with a sometimes surprisingly hefty price tag.

Faux wood plantation shutters are pleasantly affordable, being a luxurious addition to a home without the luxurious price tag to go with them. Quality and a price which suits for a plantation shutter destined to add extreme glamour and style to your home, and practically priced as well? There is information on the internet where you can get more information on the waterproof quality of faux wood plantation shutters, or any other aspect of their build or quality, including fitting.

Judith Persit is an interior design student concentrating in home design. Ms. Persit writes about plantation shutters. Learn more about faux wood shutters at her website.

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