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Hiring A Removal Firm For When You Move House

As soon as you exchange contracts and set a completion date you should be looking to hire a removal firm. The sooner you do this, the more likely you are of getting a good, professional removal firm for the day that you want, rather than having to change dates and make arrangements based around the availability of the removal firms. You should aim to get quotes from at least three removal firms ahead of your move.

Ideally, each removal firm will send a representative to your home to access your belongings and to get a clearer picture of what you should expect from the removal firm. This is the time to point what is moving with you and what is staying, if anything. The removal firm will need to know about any particularly awkward or heavy items that may require special attention. This will allow the removal firm to ensure that the right amount of people and the right size of vehicle is assigned to your move - you don't want any nasty surprises on the day of the move after all.

Once you have all your quotes you need to decide on which removal firm to use. Don't just settle on the cheapest quote. Ensure that you know what you are getting for the quoted price. For example, does it include any packing materials, insurance and VAT? Also are there any extra charges should the move take longer than planned or for anything that may arise? Try and find out from people who have moved recently which removal firm they used and their experiences. All quotations from removal firms should be in writing and include pricing for packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, where each service is required.

It should also cover any special arrangements for packing materials, cleaning and curtain hanging. Essentially you should know what you are getting for your money and just how much each aspect of the move will cost you. Sorting this now will avoid any confusion about what is covered on the day of the move. When you have decided which removal firm to use, you will then have to start liasing with them with regards to the specific details of your move. A representative may visit again to get a more detailed view of what will be required during the process of the move.

Now is the time to ask any questions and raise any concerns. You should talk about the logisitics of the move, for example where the vehicle can park at both ends of the move and if any special arrangements need to be made in advance. Again, now is the time to sort out these details as the it may be too late if you leave too close to your move date. You should establish a written timetable for the move date with the removal firm and make sure you have the details of the foreman in advance so that you have someone to contact ahead of the move so any problems are not left until the last minute. Finally, you should provide your removal firm with the full address of your new property, and a map if required. This will mean that they can plan their route based around any access issues that may prohibit the passing of large vehicles.

Then come the day of the move, just let the removal firm get on with the move, after all they are the professionals you are paying for!.

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Hiring A Removal Firm For When You Move House - As soon as you exchange contracts and set a completion date you should be looking to hire a removal firm.