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Time for another clean up

So I've decided to change to another room to keep things a little interesting. Today we will look at the linen closet, most of us have a cupboard in the hall or in another room where all the bedding, towels, table clothes etc live. Now I'm going to suggest the same as I did with the kitchen Pantry and the bench, take everything out and put it somewhere that is big enough that you can make piles. Considering the items in your linen closet are usually sizable, I usually choose to use the bed or a dinning room table. Personally even though my floor is clean, I try not to put cleaned linens on the floor.

Now that all the shelves are empty, give them all a good clean. I tend to go a little overboard and clean right up into the corners near the ceiling. Hey, I don't like spiders in there, and at least if there are no cobwebs then I feel like I have tried. Once you have given the shelves a good wipe down with a damp cloth, its a good idea to pop a heater near the door or doors to make sure the shelves dry well before you put everything back.

If its a sunny day when you are doing this and you have had blankets in the closet for a while, why not throw them outside for a good airing. The sun will dry any moisture out. And it will all smell good to! Right, down to the linen.

I tend to use the use always, use for special occasions, use for guests and spares. It is also a good time to get rid of the sheets that have been sitting there for years without use. Either cut them up and make under slips for your pillows if you are a sewer, find another use for them or give them to a charity store. We all have towels for cleaning the car, drying the dog, and the very old ones for making into rags. But do they really need to be in the linen closet? Surely the laundry or garage are a better home for them! If you start making piles,such as - sheets used all the time, spare sheets for quest beds, sofa beds, futons etc - pillow cases, under blankets, everyday towels, special towels, ie pile for beach towels, pile for guest towels Hand towels ,bath mats, Face flannels, Table cloth's and blankets Now some of you keep other things in your linen closet, things like sewing kits, sewing machines, craft gear.

If you have room at the bottom of the linen closet, and you are happy having these things there, then put them back there. But make sure they are organized into containers or bags, oh and make sure you label them so you know what is where. Now that you have all the piles, and have gotten rid of what doesn't belong, its time to put things back. I suggest that you put you day to day things where you can access them easily, ie sheets, towels, hand towels, bath mats. Blankets and items that are used less often can go up on the top shelf.

Maybe the next shelf down put the things that are used, but not every week, good tablecloth's, extras etc. Another good idea, if you have children place their towels near the front of the shelf and at a low level, that way if you are busy they can get their own towel. Of cause if you are lucky and have a large linen closet, then you will have the ability to use a shelf for sheets, one for towels, one for blankets etc. I am terrible when it comes to nice pillow slips, and have a huge pile of them :o) of cause 90% of them are used often, so I have them handy. If there are any items that you are unsure of, pop them up in the top of the cupboard and if in 6 months time you haven't used them, give them to a needy family or charity. Oh, one more snippet of advice (and its a family one) pop a few smelly cakes of soap in the closet, it will keep things smelling sweet.

You can get the lavender pillows that you just add a drop of essential oil to every month.

Paul Easton is a home organizing professional and the owner of a Home Organizing Blog, which helps anyone looking to organize their home environment. You can instantly download a copy of the 7 lemon scented home organizing idea's by visiting Home Orgnizing Tips

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