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Stay Warm Cozy And Save Money With Insulated Roman Shades

A long time ago the Caesaer's started a new trend of using insulated roman shades to keep their castle warm in the winter. With todays high energy prices and record setting temperatures we need some relief and insulated roman blinds are here to help. Comfortable doesn't mean sitting in the center of the room away from the cold window in the winter nor does it mean being next to the fireplace.

Comfortable means using that favorite chair your so found of sitting right next to that big window any time of year. To get your rooms this comfortable, one of the best ways is to use insulated roman shades in your windows. There are three distinct reasons for insulated roman shades. 1.

To look Awesome Every window treatment is meant to look awesome but some do it with extraordinary style while others just hang around and look blah. Roman shades have great style especially when they are lined and interlined which is how insulated roman shades are made. They take the face fabric, line it with a regular drapery lining and then they sandwich a layer of cotton felt lining, called an interlining.

This creates a shade that is heavy but a shade that looks like a million dollars. The shade takes on an entirely new look with the extra weight and that soft interlining. It's graceful, looks terrific and cascades down your window in style and grandeur.

2. To keep You Comfortable This is where insulated roman shades pull out of the window treatment crowd and becomes part of the highly purposed elite. Let face it most window treatments give you light control but let the heat and cold come right on in - no comfort control at all.

Insulated Roman shades when made to the right size in width and length keep you down right cozy. They repel the heat and the cold that is trying to come on into you house through your windows. Almost all other window treatments just let the heat and cold come on into the room through the openings in the slats whether horizontal or vertical. To accomplish this insulating, they need to be mounted inside the window frame where they look their best anyway. Outside mounted romans let heat and cold escape into the room from the sides, especially the hobbled type that leave big open spaces for the heat and cold to come through. 3.

To save you a bundle of money With the cost of fuel and energy rising with no ceiling in sight, coupled with the record setting cold wether in winter and heat in summer insulated roman shades should be awarded a best buy award. Two dead air spaces are created when you add that center layer of soft cotton lining and dead air spaces are the best insulating factor you can get. That is the secret to saving a bushel of money. It gives you an r-factor of over 5. That's a huge r-factor and the reason they insulate so well. Insulated roman shades should be right at the top of your list if you are thinking of going green or conserving your money supply.

If you think that insulated roman shades might be just what your looking for to keep your family cozy and warm while protecting your budget then join us at the authors web site where the discussion of insulated roman shades continues. What to look for, where to get them and what to watch out for.

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