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Room Dividers Can Be Decorative And Functional

When you think of room dividers you probably think their only function is to break up large spaces. Sure, you know they come in many different styles and can add a bit of decoration to a room, but did you know that the can be practical as well as decorative? Room dividers come in many sizes and styles. You can get folding screen room dividers with the standard 3 panels or huge dividers with 8 panels that stretch a whopping 140 inches across. Not only that but you can get them in metal, glass, leather, wood, bamboo, and fabric as well as ones with painted scenes, scrolly wrought iron and applied moldings.

There's a room divider for every style of decor you can imagine. But room dividers are not only for decoration. They have many practical purposes, the most familiar of which is to divide a room. You can use them to break up a large multi purpose space such as a living room - dining room combo.

This can be a great way to create a smaller more intimate space within a large room. And the best part is that if you decide you want your big multi purpose space back again, you simply fold up the room divider and put it away. Room dividers can also add extra storage and display space to your room.

If you use your room divider in a corner, there will be some empty space behind it which can be used to store things. No one will be able to see back there so you can use it to stash all that clutter right before guests come over! If you want some extra display space, you can buy a room divider with shelves. This is a 4 panel folding divider that has 4 shelves in the folds so it can do double duty as a piece of furniture to divide a room as well as display some great plants or collectibles. Some room dividers have mirrors built in. Whether they have full mirrors on the panels, or smaller mirrors placed strategically on each panel, these types of room dividers are perfect for providing a private dressing room space in a bedroom or studio apartment.

The room divider itself can double as a full length mirror and saves you from having to put a mirror somewhere else. Another type of room divider that can add a personal touch to any room is a photo room divider. This room divider consists of panels that have slots into which you can place your own personal photos. You can fill it up with family photos, or create a theme of say a favorite vacation, or maybe fill it with photos of a favorite place that your family likes to go to. Either way, this room divider is one that you'll never get tired of looking at. Room dividers are a great way to add a unique touch to your decor so if you are looking for a special piece to fill a spot in your home, be sure to check out some of the great room dividers available.

There's one to suit every style and taste.

Lee Dobbins writes for Room Divider Decor where you can learn more about room dividers and how you can use them to decorate your home.

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