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Personal Storage

Finding personal storage space in the city is tough and costly. For the same amount of money it takes to rent a 5x5 personal storage unit (the size of a small closet) in the big city, you can rent a decent apartment in the suburbs. But finding one does not have to be as hard as relocating a lost relative or a lost puppy. If you have the right resources you can find a personal storage space in the big city that is affordable. First of all, what is personal storage? Personal storage is storage space or storage unit that is all your own, meaning you are not sharing it with anybody else.

It could also mean for storage items that is not furniture storage, car storage, commercial storage, RV storage, and boat storage. In other words, it is storage for miscellaneous items like a television set, a pair of snowshoes, a rubber hose, an afghan, a pair of mittens, and a wire brush. Personal storage is for personal items that do not have a place in your home, but it holds some type of value for you to rent a storage unit. Many city folks rent a personal storage space for items they need, but not around the apartment. For instance, many people from the big city ski and snowboard, however keeping a those items around a cramped apartment is senseless. Bicycles that are not used much also can be put into a personal storage space.

Wardrobes are very popular personal storage space items. In the winter they support summer clothes and in the summer they hold winter clothes. Some people are lucky enough to be renting an apartment in the big city that comes with a personal storage unit. Usually, it is located in the basement. The tenant can keep all of their personal storage just a few floors down from where they live. However, the price of renting a personal storage unit is most likely hidden in the rent payment.

Though the storage unit seems to be included with the apartment rental, the price for storage is calculated in the monthly rent. A person who rents a personal storage unit in the big city should be very careful with what they store. Food storage and herbs is not a good idea since the big city has a rat problem. Not only will you attract rats to your personal storage, others will suffer from infestation.

You will lose popularity with your neighbors very quick if you put food storage in your personal storage unit. The best way to shop for a personal storage unit is using the internet. Search for storage companies or storage properties in the city where you live. Just type in self storage, or self storage unit followed by the name of your city.

A list of self storage companies should pop up on the search listings. Many storage companies want to promote online shopping so they entice customers by offering discounts and coupons that are exclusive to online shoppers. It does not matter if your duration is for short term storage or long term storage. The discounts are for anybody that reserves a self storage unit online for personal storage. Or you can shop the old traditional way, using the phone book.

If you prefer this method make sure you ask the property manager about discounts. They may have them, but do not offer them unless asked for.

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