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Interior Design Ideas

If you are looking for interior design ideas for your own home then there are endless sources of inspiration just about everywhere, in fact, the biggest challenge is probably identifying your own particular taste and style out of the many that are out there and of course choosing the appropriate colour schemes, fabrics, fixtures and fittings to go along with it. To get an idea of what you like, browse through magazines and brochures dedicated to homes, visit showrooms and exhibitions, take note of what you like about friends and families homes, search the Internet, watch TV programmes that focus on transforming homes and you will soon get an idea of what kind of style appeals to you and what doesn't. The following list represents just a small sample of the kind of interior design ideas and styles that might be of interest with a very broad description of each one. This list is by no means exhaustive and the descriptions are there just to spark some ideas as there are no firmly fixed rules regarding different styles, it is all about what looks and feels right for you.

A traditional style The traditional style is arguably one of the more popular choices. It is characterised by practical furniture, which is also functional and of course comfortable. There are no big statements being made here. The colour schemes are not loud and fussy and the overall impression is a homely one that is restful to the eye, in other words it isn't at all outrageous or bold in design but has a more elegant look and feel to it. The modern approach A modern style allows for a more daring approach with brighter colour mixes, symmetrical, angular and straight lines and possibly stark colour contrasts. Leather furniture and metallic fittings can add a nice touch and lighting can be used effectively to highlight different areas.

Modern styles are generally clean cut and slick and sleek and so don't go well with too many extra accessories. A cottage in the country Imagine a quaint cottage in the country and what it might look like on the inside and you can begin to get an idea of a country or cottage style. The country style has more of a rustic, informal look and feel. It could include attractive fabrics on the furniture, subtle colour schemes, country patterns and prints, and flowers. The "worn" look works very well as do antique style fittings, wooden furniture, rugs and cotton table cloths. The minimalist look This works on the basic principle that less is so much more.

It has a very simple, clean cut and spacious look to it with minimal furniture, and very few accessories. There are no extras, just the absolute bare essentials and nothing else. A themed style Perhaps you'd prefer a themed style, for example, a nature theme based on water, the forest or wildlife.

You could also choose Japanese, Asian, Mexican, or Wild West themes, in fact, whatever you can think of. There are no restrictions, just whatever has an individual appeal for you. What about Feng shui? Feng shui literally means "wind-water" and is a Chinese school of thought based on the idea that how a room is laid out and furnished has an impact on the health and wellbeing of its occupants. If this appeals to you then colour is important and so is the layout of the furniture and the fittings. Furniture must be placed in such as way as to create an atmosphere of comfort that is also in harmony with the surroundings.

There are a number of "rules" attached to Feng Shui so you would have to familiarise yourself with these first. Using a mixture of styles Interior design ideas often bring a mix of two or more styles together to produce striking results. However, a word of caution, mixing lots of different styles together can also look cluttered, messy and downright chaotic unless you have some artistic flair and an eye for detail in order to get it right.

The best way to spark off your own interior design ideas is to take a look at other styles and find out what appeals to you and expand on that. Take a note of what colours are used, what "feelings" you get from the rooms and of course, you will also be able identify what you simply don't like and want to avoid. Getting it right Think about and try to imagine what impression or mood you want to create in each room, for example romantic, risqué, tranquil, vibrant, earthy, homely, playful, and exciting and so on.

Looking at lots of other rooms will give you an idea of what appeals to you and you can then base your own interior design ideas on that. Once you have identified the kind of style, colours, fixtures and fittings you like, you can choose to hire a designer to do the work for you or you may decide to do it yourself, in any event, with a little thought and fore planning you will be able to create rooms that are both functional and beautiful and that totally reflect who you are.

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