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Ideas For Decorating A Babies Room

Decorating a babies room or nursery for that new addition to the family can be one of the most exciting and fun experiences that any parent can have. As any parent will tell you this is the first place for your baby to dream, to experience new things and to grow up in. Below are a few ways of decorating a babies room which make your decision a little easier. 1. Location.

Ensure that the surroundings are calm as they are critical to the development of a newborn child. Make sure that the room is not close to a busy street or where there could be lots of noise. 2. When choosing a particular theme or design for the babies room will also depend on just how much time have to spare and how much space is available as well as whether it is a boy or girl that is expected. Really it is much safer if you go for gender neutral colours in your design such as greens, purples and reds. 3.

The theme of the room. Now you can let your imagination run wild on this part, why not get some ideas by visiting a few different baby stores and see what different styles of bedding etc they have in stock. You may even be luck enough to find one that has example rooms set up and which you can look at. Below are just a few ideas which might be suitable for your babies room.

a. Animals - This will include such things as kittens, puppies, farm scenes or even teddy bears. You will soon find that many of these themes are easily available in many stores (DIY etc) and you will be able to purchase everything from sheets and comforter sets right through to co-coordinating wall hangings and wall paper. b. Cartoon/TV Characters - The choices are numerous such as Winnie the Pooh, Spiderman, Aladdin, Curious George, Bugs Bunny, Snoopy and of course Peter Pan are just some the choices that are available.

c. Noah's Ark - A very popular them with plenty of designs available to choose from. This design can then be accessorized using animal pictures, a nursery lamp, bedding and even a rocking chair if you wish. d. Underwater Scenes or Dolphins - This theme will not only add a cool and refreshing feel to the new babies room, but the colours will also be comforting for the baby as well.

Decorate the room using any items that you can relate to the sea say a border with either waves or seahorses on it. e. Crayons - We all remember how much fun crayons used to be when we were kids and why not introduce your child to a new and creative world by going with this theme. Why not accent the room using hand prints or stencils of your own choice and place them all around the room don't just stick to the walls.

Finally no matter what design you choose, flooring is another matter to be considered. Think about using rugs (inexpensive and stain repellant types) which can easily be replaced when updating a child's room. Also ensure that the design you go for is both safe and comfortable for your baby as they grow. After considering all the points above you will see the possibilities for decorating a babies room are endless.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://www.bedroom-designs-and-decorations.com where you can get more ideas on decorating a babies room.

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