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How I Designed my Beautiful Hawaiian Bathroom

After a long road, my Hawaiian bathroom is finally finished. I am thrilled with how it turned out. I know feel like I am in my favorite resort in Maui relaxing in their luxurious Hawaiian bathroom. Let me share with you how I designed my Hawaiian Bathroom. I knew that I wanted lots of tile in my Hawaiian bathroom, so that is where I started. First I chose the accent tiles, beautiful glass tiles made out colors that remind me of palm trees - greens and tans.

These accent tiles are placed in a continuous band all the way around my Hawaiian bathroom. Then I picked large coordinating 12 X 12 tan tiles for the walls. My Hawaiian bathroom needs a great floor - something that reminds me of sand. Therefore, I chose 18 X 18 tiles in a great tan color. I did have one snag as the dye lot on the wall tiles came out darker than anticipated, so I had to switch the wall tiles.

I decided against a bathtub in my Hawaiian Bathroom, as I prefer a large shower with a built in seat. I selected a really cool shower floor, composed of small tiles that remind me of beach pebbles. The shower floor is my favorite focal point in my Hawaiian bathroom. It looks fantastic! My Hawaiian Bathroom now needed a tropical vanity. I chose a dark wood vanity with a curved front.

I added a Silestone quartz countertop in a beautiful tan color. I chose Silestone due to its maintenance-free properties. The next things to choose in my Hawaiian Bathroom design were the bathroom fixtures.

I fell in love with bathroom fixtures that look like bamboo in a nice bronze finish. As the water comes out of the sink faucet, it reminds me of a waterfall. I added the matching bamboo cabinet pulls, towel rods and toilet paper holders. I added a Polynesian light in the shape of pineapples above the bamboo mirror. As I was designing the space for my Hawaiian bathroom, I decided against a typical closet.

I wanted something with style- so I chose a Hawaiian armoire as the closet. The Hawaiian armoire looks like bamboo and adds a great element of surprise. The last items that I added to my Hawaiian bathroom were the most fun to chose- the fun accessories. Some items I used were from past trips to Hawaii. Other accessories were ordered off the Internet such as my "Tiki Hut" sign that hangs outside the door, my Hawaiian surfboard picture made out of koa wood, a tiki mask, a bamboo mirror, Hawaiian style towels and Hawaiian beach pictures.

I had so much fun designing my Hawaiian bathroom. It's sure to be the most tropical bathroom in Colorado.

Krista Mayne is a self described "Hawaiian décor addict", as she loves to decorate her home in Hawaiian style. Visit her website The Hawaiian Home at http://www.thehawaiianhome.com for Hawaiian furnishings, Hawaiian clothing, or anything else Hawaiian that she loves.

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