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Home Buyers, Don't Wait to Start Planning Your Housewarming Party

A new home is exciting on a number of levels, of course, but one of the nicest bonuses is that buying a new home affords a perfect excuse to throw a party. Then, especially if you haven't entertained in a long time, it's possible that your housewarming party will rekindle your desire to have guests over on a regular basis for friendly gatherings.

It doesn't take a lot of capital to throw your first party. In fact, a housewarming party can be very informal, because by definition, you've just moved in and haven't gotten completely settled into your new home. That takes a great deal of the pressure off, because your guests won't expect more than a good time out by the grill with something to drink and eating supper off paper plates. That type of gathering isn't going to strain the budget much.

Guest List

Keep your initial guest list manageable, and make sure the people you're inviting have enough in common to be able to mingle comfortably. It's best to invite folks who already know each other. A guest list of about a dozen is your best bet for your first attempt at throwing a party.


Give everyone a couple weeks' notice. You can print up invitations if you'd like. They're not expensive anymore, and can easily be done on any home computer and printer. You might follow up with an email as the day gets closer, to remind everyone. You could also ask them to shoot you back an email to let you know if they're coming. Written invitations usually get a better response than telephone calls.

Clean and Supply

Even if you just moved in, you want to clean your house well and make sure the bathrooms are well stocked with supplies, including toilet paper, soap, and towels. Vacuum the house and furniture, especially if you know that some of your guests are subject to allergies.

Outside Preparations

Before the guests arrive, put your own vehicles into the garage to give everyone lots of parking space. Keep obstacles such as lawn mowers, kids' bikes, and skateboards out of the way to avoid anyone tripping over them. Add some colorful flowers in pots near the front door. For a nighttime party, add some white party lights around the doorway.

Enjoy Your Housewarming Party!

Greet every guest at the door and show them where to put coats and other items. It will also bring them up to speed quickly and comfortably, and let them know you're glad they came. Give them a brief tour of the home, and then show them to where the main section of the gathering will be held. This will help ease them into the swing of things before you turn them loose with those folks who are already there.

As the party goes on, mingle. It's your responsibility as the host to make sure everyone feels welcome and pampered. Move around and ask if your guests need a drink refilled or anything else. But the key is to have fun! If you're having a good time, your guests will probably enjoy themselves, too--and your housewarming party could be the beginning of a whole new era of entertaining in your new home.

Copyright © 2006 Jeanette J. Fisher