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Finding Oreck Vacuum Parts

Oreck vacuums are some of the most durable vacuum cleaners around. However, some parts of the vacuum are made to be replaced at regular intervals, like the vacuum filter. Some, like the vacuum belt, are made of rubber and can stretch out of shape with general use.

Therefore, it is smart to know where you can find genuine Oreck vacuum parts to properly service your Oreck vacuum cleaner. Vacuum filters will need to be replaced at least twice a year. If the vacuum is used in a very dusty area, or to pick up animal hair, the filters will need to be replaced more frequently for maximum cleaning power and to extend the life of the vacuum. Vacuum filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly, depending on the model of Oreck vacuum cleaner. The vacuum belt is a small, thick rubber ring that is vital to the proper functioning of the Oreck vacuum cleaner.

It connects the motor to the beater brush, and without it, the vacuum can overheat, burn out, and simply will not run. However, being made of rubber, these tough, thick rubber belts will stretch out over time. Most vacuum manufacturers recommend that the vacuum belts are replaced every six months, or whenever damage is visible. Because it is such a vital part, getting the right replacement is key. The easiest way to find the right replacement part is to go to Oreck's official online website.

There you can look up the part number, order it online, or find an authorized Oreck service department near you.

For more vacuum cleaner comparisons, please visit: Vacuum Cleaner Reviews a website that specializes reviewing all brands of vacuum cleaners including Oreck vacuum cleaner parts

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